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       Fully manage:

  • Detentions

  • On call support

  • Praise and rewards

  • Reprimands

  • Removals

  • Exclusions

  • Behaviour tiers


Behaviour Module

The behaviour module allows you to fully embed and automate your school behaviour policy. Fully manage and reward student conduct. Student and parent notifications as well as customisable interested parties can be set up to suit your needs.

All aspects of behaviour can be managed within this module, from escalating sanctions to an on call support system, with the focus being very much on teaching and learning. The sanctions and praises can be fully customisable for your school as well as the behaviour tier system and action triggers.

Behaviour Dashboards

The dashboards break down key information over time in easy to read graphs and tables. Explore trends by year group, key group, subjects and sanctions/praise type. Compare student conduct against their year group average and access full history via the log.

Track and monitor how staff are issuing praise and sanctions and identify areas for support when needed. The behaviour module is clear and transparent and ensures your school behaviour policy is effectively implemented.

  • Whole school summary

  • Pastoral insight

  • Subject overview

  • The whole student 

  • Teacher overview

  • Sanctions overview

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