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Performance Analysis Module

  • Whole school performance 

  • Pastoral insight

  • Subject overview

  • Individual class focus

  • The whole student 

  • Trends over time

  • Performance Indicators for schools

SchoolVue is the easiest to use online flexible data analytics tool. Allowing you to present a variety of student information in a clear, accurate and effective way on a day to day basis will drive school performance. It can cater for all year groups across all key stages.  

Available 24/7 from any internet-enabled device anywhere, you will find easy to use online tools and reports to understand and informatively use student information being collected. This leads to better strategic decisions at school, classroom and individual student level.

Click on a number in a table

Click on a coloured bar in a chart

Highlight points on a scatter diagram

See the students behind the data

What does it Do?

Easy to use online dashboards and tools allow your members of staff to quickly find the information they are looking for.  
Schools can customise SchoolVue to analyse and represent a wide range of student information being collected directly by teachers or imported from their Management Information System.  
Many schools collect engagement in learning grades such as effort, behaviour, classwork etc. This information will be anaylsed and displayed alongside performance grades and attendance to present an  accurate picture of how a student is performing over time.
The class view allow teachers to view this information and identify appropriate support for the right pupils. Subject and school wide actions for pupils can be recorded and made highly visible throughout SchoolVue. 

  • Available online

  • Create you own baselines and prior attainment bands

  • Upload student targets

  • Use your own bespoke grades at KS3

  • Design your own progress maps

  • KS4 grades and progress 8/attainment 8

  • Essential on KS4 results day

  • Collect up to four engagement in learning categories

  • Attendance

  • Student strategies and interventions

Engagement in Learning (EiL)

Ven Diagram_School-Vue.png

Understanding the performance of a student is not always straight forward. This is why many schools collect EiL information such as effort, behaviour, classwork etc. Identifying barriers to learning is key to meaningful interventions.
Perform in-depth analysis of EiL data alongside subject performance data to gain greater insight into your students. Use this information to put in place student strategies and interventions. 
A school can collect up to four customisable EiL grades. They can be subject specific or whole school. SchoolVue can present and analyse data such as category mappings, numbers, averages or percentages.  

Performance Data

With the removal of National Curriculum levels, many Schools have developed their own assessment models and progress rationales.  The simple administration tools in SchoolVue allow schools to define their own progress categories and grade structures.
Compare EiL information alongside subject grades to identify trends. Common grade sets such as GCSE 9-1 grades, Mastery categories or Age Related Expectations are available to you or simply customise your own grade sets and progress judgements to best serve your school.

Use provided grade sets for DfE approved courses to ensure accuracy of headline calculations such as progress / attainment 8 scores.

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