Broadsheet Tab

The broadsheet tab collates all information on students and is an easy way to view an entire cohort or selected group of students. When building lists of students to explore throughout SchoolVue, the option to "view in Broadsheet" will appear. Users can then choose which pieces of information they want to see along with fully functioning column headings in terms or filtering and sorting.

  • Context

  • Focus groups

  • School and class actions

  • Overall performance

  • Subject performance

This information gives a full overview of a child and suggests where the barriers to learning might be.

Click on a number in a table

Click on a coloured bar in a chart

Highlight points on a scatter diagram

Build your list of students

Click on

"View in Broadsheet"


 Student Tab

Clicking on a student name anywhere in SchoolVue will take you to the student tab. Here you can view the following:

  • Context information

  • Focus groups

  • Classes

  • Subject performance

  • Up to three data series

  • Overall performance

  • Attendance

  • School and class actions

The student tab tracks the individual support at school and classroom level over time and and allows impact to be judged. 


Focus Groups

Schools often setup and monitor specific intervention groups. The impact of school actions need to be monitored and evaluated. These intervention groups can be set up as Focus Groups in SchoolVue. A Focus Group filter can be found in the focus panel and can be used on any tab in SchoolVue to specifically view those students involved. The ability to view multiple data series in SchoolVue will allow for judgements to be made regarding the impact of interventions over time.

SchoolVue is a powerful online education suite that genuinely helps a school to provide excellent provision and support for its students. Interpreting and sharing information is key to driving performance.

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