Subjects Tab

The Subjects tab provides in-depth insight for effective management.  It can provide the starting point for line management meetings with subject leaders as well guiding feedback sessions to subject teams on the performance of specific year groups.

  • Discuss progress over time                                      (up to four data series)

  • Explore performance of individual classes and key groups

  • Quality assure setting in terms of prior attainment bands

  • Identify underperforming students using the transition matrices. Just click on the numbers to see who they are

  • Analyse the impact of Engagement in Learning  

Click on a number in a table

Click on a coloured bar in a chart

Highlight points on a scatter diagram

See the students behind the data


Classes Tab

The Classes tab is the most used tool by subject teachers. Explore the context and performance of key groups within a specific class.

  • Compare the performance of indiviudal students across up to three data series.

  • View school actions in place for students.

  • Use the information to make decisions regarding support and record these actions for individual students.


Seating Plan Tool

The seating plan tool is the easiest way for subject teachers to use and engage with performance data. Construct the layout of your classroom and use all of the information available to strategically plan where students sit. View actions for students and wider school performance. Record and review classroom actions for individual students.

  • Easy drop and drag functionality

  • Choose the information you want to display;

    • Progress

    • Context

    • Subject Grades

    • EiL Grades

  • Create multiple classroom layouts if you teach a class in more than one room.

  • New actions are flagged

SchoolVue is a powerful online education suite that genuinely helps a school to provide excellent provision and support for its students. Interpreting and sharing information is key to driving performance.

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