Summary Tab

The Summary tab is a favourite with our senior leaders. Use the interactive functions to explore:

  • Performance over time     (up to four data series)

  • Cohort Context

  • Performance of key groups

  • Progress vs attendance and EiL grades

  • Subject attainment and progress overviews

SchoolVue is a very student focused in-depth analytics tool. It's very easy to see the students behind the data.

Click on a number in a table

Click on a coloured bar in a chart

Highlight points on a scatter diagram

See the students behind the data


Pastoral Tab

The role of a tutor can be influential on students and their progress. It is often difficult for pastoral leaders to monitor the performance of individual tutor groups and put in place support where needed. 

Progress, attendance and Engagement in Learning information for each tutor group is displayed in the Pastoral tab.  Identify students by clicking on the bars or use the context filters in the focus panel to explore students in particular tutor groups. Student lists will build in the selected students panel on the right hand side for further investigation.


Compare Tab

The ability to analyse performance by key groups is important to ensure the progress of all students. The Compare tab allows a school to view key performance information for two specific groups of students. 

For example:

  • disadvantaged students vs non disadvantaged students within a cohort

  • girls vs boys within a cohort

  • SEN students in one data series vs another

  • Actual results vs Predictions


By using the context filters for any given two data series, the range of comparisons are extensive.


Trends Tab

SchoolVue is unique in its ability to compare and analyse multiple data series (up to five) to explore trends. This could be for overall performance or subject specific. Be it a selection of data series within an academic year for a specific year group or selecting years 7 to 11 from an academic year, you can use the built in filters to further explore how groups of individual students are performing. 

The following key information will be displayed and compared:

  • Progress

  • Attendance

  • Prior attainment

  • Engagement in Learning data

  • Progress 8 / Attainment 8 scores (for KS4 cohorts only)  

SchoolVue is a powerful online education suite that genuinely helps a school to provide excellent provision and support for its students. Interpreting and sharing information is key to driving performance.

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