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The intelligent use of data affects the work of all professionals involved in education. There can be no going back to the days when decisions were made on hunches and anecdotal information. Using data effectively will help everyone involved in school improvement.

We are delighted to bring to you an exciting and comprehensive offering that will support your school:

  • SchoolVue Education Suite - Let the technology do the work with our outstanding online suite of modules. Save teachers and senior leaders hours of time managing data and reduce licence fee costs in the process.

  • Data Services - Let our data team provide you with expertise, resilience and cost savings with our service level agreements. Use this professional service to get the most out of your Management Information System.

  • Consultancy Support - Our team of experts have a wealth of experience working in schools. They are here to help you deliver your school improvement plans. 

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SchoolVue Education Suite

Performance Analysis

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My Class

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Behaviour Management

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Home Learnng





Our online education suite has been developed in partnership with UK schools. Many of the features and ideas have come from the senior leaders and classroom teachers that use it. Designed as a stand-alone education suite or complement to a school’s Management Information System. 

Delivered in partnership with 


Data Services

Assessment Design

Assessment Models 

MIS marksheet design


Data Collection

Marksheet management

Student reporting


Professional Analytics


Our Data Manager Service Level Agreements fully manage your school’s performance data and our tools will engage all stakeholders to ensure your students make progress. Our expert data team will ensure you get the most out of your Management Information System


Consultancy Support

  • School data

  • Curriculum and assessment

  • Timetabling

  • High stakes examinations

  • Technology in the classroom

  • MIS support

Our team of experts are here to support your school. They have a wealth of education expereince in the UK and internationally.

They specialise in Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Assessment, Leadership, strategic use of data and high stakes exams.


Our range of education services and powerful online education suite help schools to provide excellent provision and support for their students. Interpreting and sharing information is key to driving performance.