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Analyzing Data

Our Software

Let the technology do the work with our outstanding online suite of modules.

  • All your analytics in one platform - Gain valuable insight into your school

  • The perfect complement to your MIS - compatible with all UK MIS's

  • Save data managers, teachers and senior leaders hours of time managing data

  • Interactive dashboards – Insight at your fingertips

  • Be Ofsted ready

  • Choose the modules you want                                                                                                   Download Flyer



Performance Small 200x200.png

A powerful performance analytics tool designed to drive school improvement. Use data effectively to unlock barriers to learning.

  • Prior attainment

  • Performance grades

  • Bespoke progress maps

  • Engagement in learning data

  • Attendance


Behaviour Small 200x200.png

Identify trends in your MIS student behaviour data to make meaningful interventions.

  • Whole school summary

  • Pastoral insight

  • Subject overview

  • The whole student 

  • Teacher overview


Attendance Small 200x200.png

Analyse your school's MIS attendance data to identify areas of strength and weakness. Save hours of time on running reports from your MIS.

  • Whole school summary

  • Key groups

  • Year groups

  • Individual students

  • Explore attendance ranges


Engagement Small 200x200.png

Evaluate your wider curriculum offering and gain insight into which students are engaging. Develop their cultural capital.

  • Define your ethos pillars

  • Clubs

  • Events

  • Challenges

  • Provision Audit

Provision Map

Support Plans.png


Fully manage your SEND provision and meet statutory requirments. Remove the duplication of documents and information entry and save hours of time.

  • Create and manage your student provisions

  • Generate and maintain provision maps

  • Track and monitor interventions

  • Evaluate impact of provision maps

Provision Map
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