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Looking Through Microscope

What People Say

We are always proud to hear how we have made a difference in Schools

S. Byrne,


R. Royston,

Head of School

"We have been using the SchoolVue platform for some time now. If anyone is looking for a single platform that enables teachers and leaders to analyse behaviour, attendance and assessment data then I would highly recommend. In addition the engagement module enables recording and analysis of student engagement in extra-curricular / personal development opportunities like no other."

D. Lucas,

Executive Headteacher

"SchoolVue have been amazing!"



"Our data manager left us around 4 years ago and we struggled to recruit. We decided to outsource our data management to SchoolVue. We have never looked back. They are a great team, extremely supportive and completely flexible. We have a team to contact and they are always there - results day  they are there - in holidays they are available. We have built very strong relationships with the team. They understand how schools work and pre-empt scenarios and come up with solutions. 

We used to use several software packages, but don’t any more as the SchoolVue online education suite is so much better. We use the Performance analysis, My Class, and the Behaviour modules. The data tools are used by teachers, middle leaders, governors and the SLT. Our interventions are mapped on the system - so we can look closely at impact."

D. Lennon


"I have worked with the Schoolvue team for years. They are helpful, innovative and agile."

C. Ferguson

Assistant Headteacher

“Your behaviour insights module is amazing! I reckon it just saved me 4 hours of work I would have spent trying to get information out of our MIS and analysing it.”

R. Thomas

Retired Headteacher and leadership consultant

"I can thoroughly recommend the excellent Schoolvue team. They have helped me out on numerous occasions and are worth their weight in gold!."

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