What people say

S. Byrne, Headteacher

Play the video for responses to the following questions:

1)    What was the situation in your school that made you consider using the SchoolVue Data Management Services?

2)    How satisfied are you with the service? 

3)    What are the key benefits / improvements since using the service?

4)    What do you think about the SchoolVue online education suite?  

5)    Would you recommend schoolvue and if yes then why?

D. Lucas, Executive Headteacher

Our data manager left us around 4 years ago and we struggled to recruit. We decided to outsource our data management to SchoolVue. We have never looked back. They are a great team, extremely supportive and completely flexible. We have a team to contact and they are always there - results day  they are there - in holidays they are available. We have built very strong relationships with the team. They understand how schools work and pre-empt scenarios and come up with solutions. 

We used to use several software packages, but don’t any more as the SchoolVue online education suite is so much better. We use the Performance analysis, My Class, and the Behaviour modules. The data tools are used by teachers, middle leaders, governors and the SLT. Our interventions are mapped on the system - so we can look closely at impact.

SchoolVue have been amazing!

J. McCaulaugh, Headteacher

We have saved money and improved systems by moving to the SchoolVue modules. Teachers are much happier with one place to log in to. 

H. Smith, Headteacher

We certainly have greater insight into our student performance. Not just in terms of academic performance but engagement and behaviour too.

D. Wright,  Deputy Headteacher

We finally have teachers wanting to use an analytics tool. It's so easy for teachers to get the information they need. 

A. Murray, Head of English

It's great to have one data tool for all year groups. For the first time I can really look at performance over time.

J. Rowe, Head of house

The behaviour module has allowed us to be proactive and more consistent with our behaviour policy.

D. Sparkes,  Head of Maths

I can really monitor my team in terms of class performance, behaviour and homework completion. This really helps me to support my teachers.

P. Baker, History Teacher

The seating plan tool makes life so easy. I can really see what's going on with my students across the school.

R. Cain, Pastoral Care Leader

I automatically get notified about my students' praise, rewards and behaviour. Incidents have stopped falling through the net.

R. Segun, Assistant Headteacher

We can now not only see what and how much homework is being set but also how it's being completed by different groups of students.

Our range of education services and powerful online education suite help schools to provide excellent provision and support for their students. Interpreting and sharing information is key to driving performance.