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Backend Developer

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud based software is often the solution to challenges in todays world. However, organisations do not always have the skill sets in house to build their own software that works and is secure. That's where we come in.


About Us

The members of our development team have been working in industry across a variety of sectors for 25 years and have been involved in a wide range of software projects.

Our service covers:

  • Requirements specification

  • Prepare a project plan

  • Design UX and UI

  • Architect the software

  • Code the solution

  • Maintain

Computer Programming

Big Data

Most large organisations work with a range of data sets that are stored in multiple places. Data rich environments such as these often present challenges in terms of transforming information into wisdom. We believe the key to doing this is the ability to harvest data sets into one source in order to unlock key insights.


Our team of experts are ready to build you a bespoke cloud based solution to do exactly that. They have extensive experience in working with big data, developing software and designing analytics to gain strategic insight.


Need a Builder?

Maybe you are clear on the challenges faced by your organisation and have a good idea of the functionality you require from a software to solve them. If you need a team of developers to listen to your ideas, help you develop and build your own software then we are here to help. We also offer maintenance contracts to support your software once it is built to ensure it continues to meet the needs of your organisation in the future.


Our team of developers have worked in many different sectors over the years and have built a wide range of different software.

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