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Curriculum and Assessment

It is almost impossible to talk about assessment without first considering curriculum. Surely they go hand in hand. However, it is surprisingly common for their to be a disconnect between these two crucial elements of education, especially in non examination phases. Assessment models often do not reflect the curriculum or make sense to parents and students. Our experts are here to help your school ensure that this doesn't happen.   

Part 1- Curriculum Review

One of our experts will work closely work with your senior leaders to evaluate current curriculum maps across subjects and make recommendations to ensure they are fit for purpose and consistency is ensured.

The focus of the review is:  

  • Ensuring the curriculum maps clearly identify end points the curriculum is building towards.

  • Schemes of Learning are planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards the curriculums clearly defined end points.

Part 2- Assessment Support

Once you are confident in your curriculum it's time to make sure your assessment model, across phases, is fit for purpose and leads to accurate tracking and monitoring. Assessment grades should be meaningful and facilitate conversations with students.  


The focus of the support 

  • Developing an effective assessment model across all phases. 

  • Ensure consistency in quality of assessments across all subjects.

  • Agreeing a progress rationale to accompany the assessment model that will lead to meaningful analytics. 

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