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Data Services

We believe that getting the most out of a school’s Management Information System (MIS) and providing teachers with accurate, up to date information at their fingertips is key to doing this. 

Our Data Manager Service Level Agreements fully manage your school’s performance data and our tools will engage all stakeholders to ensure your students make progress.

Why choose a Data Service?

All of our schools originally had an onsite data manager but made the decision to move to a Data Service. We believe this was because our data team provide:


You will have access to a team of data experts five days a week including school holidays. You are not dependent on the knowledge and skills of one specific individual.


School data is what we do, all day every day, so we make sure we keep up-to-date with the changing educational landscape and accountability framework.


Our service is cost-effective with no hidden extras; you only opt for the services your school needs. All of our schools have made significant savings.

Service Level Agreements

The data team provide two levels of SLA:

•   Support - We manage the design of your MIS marksheets and provide data analytics for all year groups via SchoolVue throughout the academic year. The Support service is suitable for schools with a data manager.
•  Enhanced - Includes everything in Support plus we also fully manage your student baseline data, MIS marksheet builds, data collection and student reporting. Schools that opt for our Enhanced service do not require an onsite data manager.


Assessment Models – Our assessment experts work with school leaders to audit existing assessment models and develop a fit for purpose process to meet the school's needs. 

MIS marksheet design – Our data team will design and build templates for the school marksheets that fully embed the assessment model.


Data Collection

MIS marksheet management – Our data team will create marksheets for each class, as per the needs of the subject, ready for data captures. Quality assurance support will be provided to school leaders at subject level.  

Student reporting – Our data team will design and create student reports within the school MIS as per the requirements of the school. 



SchoolVue management – Our data team will fully manage SchoolVue on behalf of the school to ensure the most effective and appropriate data analytics are available to stakeholders throughout the academic year. 

Results days – Our data team will be on hand to process and analyse all official examination results across all key stages.




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