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Transforming your school data into Wisdom

Schools have become data rich in recent years in terms of collecting student information. However, is the data leading to knowledge through effective analytics and more importantly is this leading to wisdom through meaningful strategic actions across the school? Our consultancy support is designed to help you answer these questions.
The intelligent use of data affects the work of all professionals involved in education. There can be no going back to the days when decisions were made on hunches and anecdotal information. We must present and explain data in ways which inspire trust and confidence, and lead to appropriate choices and judgements being made. Using data effectively will help everyone involved in school improvement.
We are delighted to bring to you an exciting and comprehensive package that will support your school through its data journey to wisdom.

As simple as                     - Webinar for Senior Leaders


This webinar explores best practices with regards to the collection and analysis of student information. Our key data themes of Academic, Behavioural and Communication will be introduced. Topics such as judging progress, the school data cycle and use of analytics tools will be covered. A great opportunity for senior leaders to reflect on current practices.


Discussion points:

  • The school data cycle

  • The principles of 

  • Collection - Data or information? 

  • Data Analytics - Attainment vs Progress

  • Strategic action

  • What excellence might look like



Speaker Profile

Jon Munt
Experienced senior leader and international speaker.

Founder and Director of SchoolVue education services providing outstanding support and advice for our education customers in a variety of areas. A former Maths Advanced Skills teacher and School Leader, Jon has immense experience and understanding of school leadership, curriculum, assessment and strategic use of data.

Rich and wise – Review

One of our data experts will be assigned to your school to work directly with your leaders to evaluate and transform your data systems. This structured programme will explore all aspects of your school’s data cycle and will make bespoke recommendations for moving forward. Each section will involve key members of staff collaborating with our data expert.

Data Cycle.png

Section 1: Review of current data collection 

Assessments used - How are they designed? Are they fit for purpose? Is there consistency?

Progress Rationale -  How is progress measured? Is it fit for purpose?

Section 2: Review of current analytics

Progress vs Attainment - How is student data analysed? How useful is it?

Communication - How is data presented? How are the analytics shared? Who has access? 

Section 3: Review of impact

Meaningful actions - Explore how data analytics are strategically used. Is there a consistent approach? Does the schools data cycle lead to impact? How do you know?


Summary report and action plan

Your school will receive a fully comprehensive report outlining which elements of the school data cycle are working well and those that require improvement. Recommended actions will be provided based on current education best practice. 

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