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Timetabling Support

Curriculum design and timetabling has often been described as an art by Senior Leaders who have successfully managed these areas. In depth knowledge of Curriculum implications on resourcing and timetabling is crucial to ensure students study appropriate courses and Schools are able to perform against government accountability measures.

Too many times we hear timetablers say "it's the way it's always been done" when asked about curriculum models.

Senior leaders are often told "that's not possible" when they want to deliver the curriculum in a different way.

Unfortunately, responses like these are often due to a lack of skills and creativity in schools. Our experts are here to provide you an alternative experience.

Curriculum and timetable Review

A Curriculum and timetable review is an excellent way to audit how your timetable is currently constructed against what your aims and desires are for your school. Is there a better way? There may be changes on the horizon like expansion or financial constraints. Our experts can run scenarios and give you the options you need.

  • Current Curriculum Model Evaluation

  • Solutions to perceived barriers.

  • Plans for the future.

  • Recommendations.

  • Feasibility studies for school expansion project.

  • Efficiencies.

Timetable Construction

A skilled timetabler can have a significant impact on the day to day running of your school and the experience of the students. A blend of creativity and competence is required but often found lacking in schools when it comes to timetabling.

Why not let our experts help you to:

  • Construct your timetable from start to finish. Save hours of admin support and senior leader time.

  • Train a member of your staff how to timetable effectively.

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